Flashbush Zombies Continue Day Of The Dead with 'Plz Don't Make Me Do It' Featuring Domo Genesis

Happy birthday Domo!

Continuing their Day Of The Dead series leading up to their forthcoming EP ‘It’s All A Matter Of Perspective,’ the Flatbush Zombies have brought in Odd Future assassin Domo Genesis for a new cut titled ‘Plz Don’t Make Me Do It.’

Gliding over a smooth piano riffed beat, Domo and Erick Arc Elliott trade off verses pleading for haters to slow their role so the duo doesn’t have to make a move.

Oh yeah, you can find Flatbush Zombies at Soundset Festival hosted by our very own Sway Calloway in Minnesota performing their ‘Clockwork Indigo’ project with The Underachievers.  Check out the new track below as well as Flatbush Zombies latest trip to Sway In The Morning.

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