First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid: Gary Vaynerchuk Gives Tips on How to Grow your Business on Social Media

Gary Vee, a man of many titles (best selling author, entrepreneur, business building pro, etc.) stopped by SITM to answer the ever growing questions about social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat which you may want to tackle but are hesitant due to various reason(s). Considered an expert in the field, it was only right to open the phone lines allowing citizens to #AskGaryVee.

For this week’s First Aid with Kelly Kinkaid we took things into the digital space as Gary walks us through the impact of each platform, how to properly use each to effectively build an audience as well as cold hard advice that everyone can apply starting today: Stop making January the only time during the year to start changing things in your life, that can be done everyday and it starts right now in this very moment.

Always informative yet entertaining, check out the great Gary Vee interview below:

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