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Orgasm convo with Devious Maids, Ana Ortiz and Roselyn Sanchez

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Roselyn Sanchez and Ana Ortiz chat about the success of “Devious Maids.” Also, they joke about the pregnancy bug going around the Lifetime series.

In this Lifestyle Network television series — Roselyn plays a maid and an FBI agent and Ana portrays a professor pretending to be a maid on Devious Maids; but they went on to speak on a few more wild things with Sway, as well.

Roselyn admits to Sway that their past has finally caught up with her, when her husband confronted her saying:

You never told me that you danced with Sway

Jokingly she answered him saying,

Oops! Sorry! … It was just like 15 seconds, don’t worry about it!

While Sway couldn’t contain himself as he barked back with,

Sometimes, that’s all it takes Roselyn. That’s all it takes.

Ana gets Sway to open up about his own personal life, dating a Latina who comes straight from The DR (Dominican Republic). Furthermore, joining Tracy G on her segment of Celebrity Wired — the two beautiful Latina’s had a chance to chime in on their views on the new Bruce Jenner, “Caitlyn Jenner“.

You’ll want to watch the full chat with these ladies, because they speak on interesting and inappropriate ways they’ve helped their friend figure out how to climax (in bed). Watch the interesting things these women have to say about that, below:

p.s. – 18 minutes is way too long for us women; Roselyn included. So hurry it up, fella’s!

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