Dee-1 Explains Why Cash Money & Lil Wayne Allegedly Banned his Mixtape from Being Released


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We can always rely on Dee-1’s message to be positive and uplifting. So when we heard that his mixtape, Separated at Birth was being banned by Lil Wayne and his team, we had to get some answers.

While we had Dee on the line, he explained that Wayne heavily influenced his style — so to pay homage, he took some of Wayne’s hottest songs and rapped over them with a more positive message. But much to his surprise, Weezy’s team wasn’t thrilled and was advised not to release it by management.

It’s still unclear as to why Cash Money isn’t allowing his free music to be released. What do YOU think Dee should do?

Listen below to hear his side of the story.

Catch Dee’s latest Sway in the Morning freestyle here:


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  • Dean Cameron

    I heard the interview today on shade 45 and I can see how some of it was misinterpreted but it’s also the one of biggest problem we have today. To many people are quick to jump to the defensive and not even take the time to hear the other persons side of things until it’s to late. I think when it comes down to it, it’s all about money and people would rather sue then make new friends. Good luck out there Dee and keep putting out those great tunes.