Dave East Releases His Debut Project, Paranoia: A True Story EP

One of the most lyrical artist of today’s new class, Dave East, drops his high-anticapted project, Paranoia: A True Story EP. This will be Easts’ debut project through Def Jam. Dave East built his fanbase through his lyricism and story telling, and with that being said he has rapped his way up the ladder.

East first released his single, “Perfect,” featuring Chris Brown earlier this year. It wasn’t the Dave East we were accustomed to seeing, however, the single did what it was meant to. When asked about what the listener will hear on the album, East explained this. “Pain. Im a nigga who wear my heart on my sleeve. so every project I put out is what Im going through in life,” he said. “I dont’ want to say Im Paranoid, but Im Paranoid. Like I don’t know who the fuck around. There’s so many new faces coming at me every day so I don’t know who really fuck with me.”

You can listen to the project on Apple Music and Spotify.

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