Compton Blood and Crip Sit Down to Discuss "Unity" Message Behind Kendrick Lamar Ventilator Shoe

Some events, moments and artists are bigger than the music itself although equally connected to the culture. Kendrick Lamar has been on track to become monumental in not only his city and hip hop but to humanity in general. The Compton rapper set the tone from day one using his voice to empower others, speaking on topics that many shy away from such as depression, mental illness and more common areas of gang violence, racism and injustice. Cleverly using his own experiences growing up as a good Kid in a m.A.A.d city, he has the unique ability to reach an audience not many can…effectively.

When given the opportunity to create his own “Ventilator” shoe with Reebok, he chose once again to use the platform to spark and create change. What better way to start than addressing the gangs in his hometown and promote unity. The simple words “Red” and “Blue” etched in the back of each shoe including his signature inside were brilliant but what tied everything together was the message placed on the tongue “neutral”.

So, what would the response be? The shoe sold out fast but what about the bigger picture beyond anything monetary? What would the effect be in regards to those that he was speaking directly to? We got a chance to see as gang members from Compton sat down in the same room to discuss as they pulled out the very first pair of the Kendrick Lamar customized Ventilators.

“If Pirus and Crips all got along, they’d prolly…..” find out below:

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