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Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks Are Bringing The Cool Kids Back!

July 12th was the 5 year anniversary of “When Fish Ride Bicycles,” the last body of work released by Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks under their group The Cool Kids. Providing a brand new sound to rap music when they burst on the scene in the mid 2000’s with “Black Mags,” Mikey and Chuck showed out over jazzy 808’s and did things their way, period.

Rolling into their 5th year apart, Chuck took to Twitter last night to share his thoughts. Reflecting on his time with Mikey he proclaimed that things needed to return to their old ways. Mikey was quick to respond, and just like that, The Cool Kids are back. While it doesn’t seem like any new music has been recorded yet, it looks as though things will be coming back together rather quickly. We can only hope that Blended Babies are running the boards and the likes of Asher Roth and Boldy James come through for a few features. Read through some Tweets below and listen to Chuck Inglish talk to Sway about The Cool Kids on Sway in the Morning from last year.

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