Astro Kills the 5 Fingers of Death, Speaks on Ferguson, Being the Jay Z of Blue Ivy's Generation & Recording "Computer Era" in his Room

Brooklyn native Astro may be young but his words and rhymes are far beyond his time.  Joining the Sway In The Morning studios on the release day of his new album “Computer Era” we hear the 18-year-old discuss the incidents in Ferguson, recording his album in his room and living in the social media era.

Speaking on Brooklyn and the current buzz that surrounds him, Astro jokes with Sway that he should be a part time paparazzi for some extra cash after seeing Lady Gaga in the street.  The young emcee also discusses the events in Ferguson and what needs to happen on both sides of the argument.

Being an independent artist, Astro talks about recording the entire album in his room and how we is aiming to be the Jay Z of Blue Ivy‘s generation.  Taking serious strides towards that title we are also blessed with an insane 5 Fingers Of Death freestyle that has the whole studio excited.

Check out the brand new interview and freestyle below and check Astro’s evolution as an artist with his first trip to see Sway.

Catch Astro’s first appearance on Sway In The Morning

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