A Look Inside Ponant Americas’ First Underwater Blue Eye Lounge

Underwater luxury is something not many of have encountered. However today we get a look at a unique new design that adds a whole new level to luxury while offering up a unique way to view what is under the surface. Today we get a look at the Blue Eye Lounge which is found aboard the Ponant Explorers. This unique design is the first multi-sensorial underwater lounge in the world, offering up a unique vantage point from 2.5 meters beneath the water line.

The lounge is a collaboration between the Ponant and French architect and oceanographer, Jacques Rougerie. There are two giant curved portholes that provide a beautiful view of the water below. The lounge also features underwater projectors that claim to be non-intrusive to the marine biosphere. The lounge measures 127 meters in length and can fit up to 184 passengers in 92 cabins. Check out the stunning design below and look for the ship to hit the seas in 2018. Stay tuned for much more and learn more from Ponant Explorers right now!

Photos provided by Ponant Explorers

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